About Us

We are news gamification company

KnowMo engages American and Chinese millennials
in an immersive news experience
through a dynamic mobile game portfolio.

Our Goals


We want people to be entertained.
In an over-saturated media landscape, we transform news consumption from a “should-do” to a fun, engaging “must-do.”


We want people to be informed.
Players seamlessly learn about news that matters through fun, easy-to-use games.


We want people to be connected.
Our emphasis on community, through both competition and discussion, functions as a unique reward in the news app landscape.


Preview some of the games in KnowMo's dynamic portfolio.

Quotegate loading page

Quotegate play page

Quotegate correct page

Quotegate brief page

Quotegate play page 2

Quotegate wrong page

Quotegate brief page 2

Quotegate sports question

Quotegate health question

Whack-a-Pol start page

Whack-a-Pol start page 2

Whack-a-Pol play page

Whack-a-Pol play page 2

Whack-a-Pol result page

Newstradamus load page

Newstradamus feed page

Newstradamus sidebar page

Newstradamus selection page

Newstradamus question page

Newstradamus result page

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary backgrounds allow us
to understand the intersection of the news market and the game industry
to craft games that fit millennials’ wants and needs.

Meghan Morris loved Northwestern so much that she stuck around for a journalism graduate degree after finishing her undergrad journalism/ Spanish degree.

Eric Clark is a graduate of the University of Iowa and a current graduate student at Northwestern University. He loves everything about sports and craft beer.

Jia You is a science journalist turned self-taught coder in the process of getting her second journalism degree from Northwestern.

Yasufumi Saito is a former reporter at Japanese daily and currently a graduate student at Northwestern University, where he studies interactive and business reporting.